Our Design

Inspired by the push and pull between nature and industry, The Lincoln carves out a new space in the steep slope of Tremont’s Willey Avenue.

Like so much of Tremont, the site of The Lincoln was once a farmstead and open field overlooking the emerging City of Cleveland. Over time, the area gave way to industrialization.


The Lincoln is our attempt to tip the balance towards nature once and for all.

We began with the walls of the building. A steel framework surrounds parts of the exterior and stretches up all four stories. On that framework, Virginia and trumpet creepers, climbing roses, and honeysuckle are scaffolded to create a living wall. The brickwork extends around each window, providing space for native plants like bee balm, butterfly weed, foxglove, and big bluestem grasses to take hold. Over time, these plants will establish themselves across the building's exterior. They'll continuously grow and change. Each season, The Lincoln will feel new and different.

Inside the building, we looked for opportunities to bring in the natural world. The generous windows and high ceilings fill the space with light. Wood and marble finishes are woven throughout the design, adding to the warmth of the suites. Balconies provide a quiet, private space along the treetops.

Our Hope

Our hope is that The Lincoln cultivates a living experience more connected to the outdoors. It is an intentional, sustainable space where you never feel far from Lincoln Park or the dynamic community that surrounds it.

We believe The Lincoln can serve as a symbol for what meaningful development can be: sustainable design, focused on strengthening the fabric of existing neighborhoods, dreamt of and realized by a team committed to community-building.