Sustainable Community Associates


Sustainable Community Associates


Sustainable Community Associates is a neighborhood based, award-winning, and mission-driven development firm.

We believe that with determination, creativity, and the willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, real estate development can have a transformative effect on a neighborhood.

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East College Street

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The Fairmont Creamery


Wagner Awning Building

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Mueller Lofts

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The Tappan

We own and manage everything we build and create communities that we would want to live in— and many of us do.

Our developments and historic preservation projects are considered to be some of the most thoughtful and well-executed in Cleveland, and our unique approach has yielded buildings that are consistently at capacity.

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We understand that moving can be stressful so we have provided some stress relievers in the welcome packets for new Lincoln residents! 

In addition to the wine and delicious chocolate bar from @cleveland.chocolate, residents can find a packet of flower seeds and a small planter. In keeping with the theme of Lincoln, we welcome residents to use the @Tilthsoil that can be found at the back entrance of Lincoln to pot their own flowers. 

A voter registration form can also be found in the welcome packet. As some of you will be new Cleveland residents, registering to vote is the first step in becoming politically active at the local level and calling Cleveland home! 


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Throwback to 1930.