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Rivergate Park

Rivergate Park reclaims 6.5 acres of vacant, industrialized land in the Flats, with the goal of transforming it into an urban waterfront park with people-powered boating, (including rowing, kayaking, dragon-boating and canoeing) as well as bicycling. Rivergate is adjacent to the future Towpath Trail.

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Scranton Flats Trail

Previously home to an unused marina and industrial scenery, Scranton Flats is now a natural amenity featuring 9 acres of restored meadowland, a two-acre fish habitat, a large section of restored natural river shoreline, a river boardwalk and the Towpath Trail. Easily accessible via a trailhead with public parking at Sokolowski’s Overlook and the connection to the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Trail, this section of the Towpath Trail is a popular location for its natural amenities and its spectacular views of the downtown Cleveland skyline.

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