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Cleveland Botanical Destination

Cleveland Botanical Destination carries a selection of the highest quality CBD products from the best USA brands you can find. They offer everything you need to reduce stress, promote healthy sleep, and reduce inflammation all while minimizing the need for prescription medications. They are dedicated to helping people learn to use more natural plant-based phytonutrients to better their health while widely spreading knowledge of CBD.

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Cleveland Tea Revival

Cleveland Tea Revival is a tea cafe located in Ohio City. Open seven days a week. CTR is dedicated to selling the highest quality, organic tea available in an atmosphere that is welcoming to all people regardless of race, class, or gender. They strive to be champions of social justice and build community through our love of tea, face to face conversations, and inner-connectivity between each other and the world.

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Beet Jar

A unique, snug spot with organic fare such as juice blends, smoothies & creative raw vegan items. In 2013, Beet Jar was created by two vegans: a visual artist and a freeform drummer.
Before opening the Ohio City location, they introduced and exposed the Beet Jar by doing juice pop-ups throughout the city.

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